Eastern Oklahoma State College


Eastern Oklahoma State College is a public community college, offering associate 学位 and certification programs at 四个地点 in southeast Oklahoma to meet the needs of a diverse community of students.




Eastern Oklahoma State College strives to be a tranformative learning community, known for academic excellence, 可访问性, 创新, 和服务, to shape a brighter future for students and the region.

认证 & 会员资格

Eastern is officially accredited by 的 Higher Learning Commission (since March 1954), the State Regents for Higher 教育, the 认证 Commission for 教育 in Nursing (ACEN), the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Oklahoma State School Accrediting Agencies. Eastern's memberships include the American Association of Junior Colleges, the Council of North Central Junior Colleges, and the Oklahoma Association of Junior Colleges.

Eastern’s most recent Assurance Argument Report (pdf) submitted to the Higher Learning Commission is available for download.


2023-2026 战略计划 outlines the goals and priorities that will shape Eastern’s next three years. It is designed as a living document that will continually change as needs are assessed, data are collected and analyzed, initiatives are implemented, and progress is measured. 的 plan will help Eastern's adminst比n, faculty and staff prioritize our efforts and measure their success. 


Eastern Oklahoma State College 事实的书 (pdf) is a publication of the Office of 机构 Research designed to provide reliable information about the Institution and the students. Information can be used to evaluate trends.


Eastern Oklahoma State College was originally established in 1908 as the Oklahoma School of Mines and Metallurgy, offering 学位s in mining engineering. Although closed during World War I, the school reopened in 1920 with trade and industrial education added to the curriculum. In 1924, the School of Mines added teacher training and extension courses, but with the decline of local area mining by then well advanced, the school dropped mining engineering. 然后在1927年, the school won a long overdue name change to Eastern Oklahoma State College and with the change came an added mission of pre-college level instruction. In 1941, the again renamed Eastern Oklahoma State College Agricultural and Mechanical College moved under the control of the State Board of Agriculture as a junior college. 最后, in 1972, the legislature settled on the name Eastern Oklahoma State College and created a separate board to govern the institution. 从那时起, Eastern has been a comprehensive community college providing instruction in a wide range of curricula.


1908-1913:乔治. 拉德
1913-1915年:爱德华. 巴雷特
1915-1916:约翰. 格雷夫斯
1916-1917: Lynn Glover
1917-1919: 封闭的年
1919-1923: Mead Johnson
1923-1924:约翰. 沃尔什
1924-1936: E.E. 之旅tellotte
1937-1951: C.C. 邓拉普
1951: R.B. 米切尔(代理)
1952-1961: E.T. 邓拉普
1961-1969: J.N. 贝克
1969: Walter Williams (Acting)
1970-1986: James Miller
1986-2000: Bill Hill
2000-2002: Rollin Reimer
2002: J.C. 亨特
2004: J.C. 亨特
2004-2007: Richard Bernard
2007-2020: Stephen E. 史密斯
2020-Present: Janet Wansick